10 April 2020
New military posts built by Turkey on M4

ISWNews Analysis Group: In recent week, Turkish army erected four new military posts in the way of Aleppo-Lattakia highway near Jisr al-Shoghur.

09 April 2020
War Report – April 7, 2020: Infighting Among Turkish Proxies Erupts In Syria; Rocket Strike Hits US-operated Oil Facility In Iraq
09 April 2020
American convoy were stopped near Qamishli

ISWNews Analysis Group: On 8 April, Syrian army and local forces stopped American military convoy near Qamishli town and they had to return.

08 April 2020
Third Russia-Turkey joint patrol in M4 with failure!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today third Russia-Turkey joint patrol on Aleppo-Lattkia highway happened but terrorists blocked the road and prevented the patrol to finish!

07 April 2020
US forces convoy was attacked in north of Deir Ezzor

ISWNews Analysis Group: Unknown people attacked American terrorist soldiers and SDF outskirts of al-Omar oil field in north of Deir Ezzor province.

31 March 2020
Breaking: Israeli missile attacks on Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Zionist regime warplanes targeted Homs province with several missiles.

20 March 2020
Militants attacking Turkish military convoy in Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to a blast en route Turkish military convoy in Latakia-Aleppo road, several soldiers killed and injured.

19 March 2020
Prominent Ahrar al-Sham commander deceased!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ala Abu Ahmad, a commander of terrorist group Ahrar al Sham, was killed due to a bomb planted in his car.

12 March 2020
Explosion in the northwest of Hasakah

ISWNews Analysis Group: A suicide car blast in the village of Tal Halaf in the west of Ras al-Ain has killed two Turkish soldiers and three TFSA forces and injured eight others.

09 March 2020
The result of the Moscow agreement; liberation of the M5 and M4

Finally today (March 5th 2020) after Putin and Erdogan meeting, was obtained an agreement about ending the clashes in Idlib in Syria, that the result of this agreement, was the completion and stabilization of the victory of Syrian army and Islamic resistance from one side, and completion of failure and withdrawal of Turkey and armed persons backed by it, from other side.

06 March 2020
New ceasefire in Idlib; impossible?!

Moscow summit is over and Putin and Erdogan said they’ve reached an agreement on a new ceasefire in Idlib area. We will analyze the ceasefire.

06 March 2020
Bashar al-Assad’s remarks on the recent developments in Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in an interview with the Russian network, outlined some of the latest developments in Syria and operation in Idlib.