08 May 2020
Syria’s new oil deal with Iran and its important messages

Recently, the Syrian opposition media have claimed that the Syrian government has signed contract with Iranian companies for oil exploration operation in the Bukmal region in the Deir Ezzor province, that its publication in this time, raises many questions.

08 May 2020
Satellite images of recent attack to Aleppo

The Israeli ISI company released an image showing the destruction due to Zionist regime warplanes recent attack to Syrian army and resistance forces in al-Safirah town, south of Aleppo.

07 May 2020
Syria’s infrastructure destruction by Turkish-backed terrorists

ISWNews Analysis Group: Terrorist group “Turkistan Islamic Party” (TIP) destroyed Zayzun powerplant, south of M4 highway, north of al-Ghab Plain.

06 May 2020
The 8th Joint Turkish-Russian patrol on the M4 Highway

ISWNews Analysis Group: The eighth joint Turkish-Russian patrol was done in the M4 highway in Syria’s Idlib with the two countries air force participation.

05 May 2020
Israeli satellite images from the recent explode in a base in east of Homs

The Israeli ImageSat Intl. company released images from before and after the suspicious explosion of the munitions depot in the east of Syria’s Homs.

05 May 2020
Breaking: Missile attacks on Syrian Army facilities in Aleppo province

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Syrian Air Defense Systems repelled an unknown missile attacks on the Military Research Center area in the al-Safira area in the southeast of Aleppo province.

01 May 2020
Image: Israel’s latest attack to Damascus

The images show the recent air raid by Zionist regime fighters to Damascus released by ISI claimed to show destruction of IRGC underground facilities in Mezzeh airport.

30 April 2020
Breaking: Israeli Missile Attacks on Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Israeli regime aircraft targeted several Syrian Army positions in the Qunaitra province, southern Syria.

28 April 2020
Terrorist attack on Afrin

ISWNews Analysis Group: At least 40 civilians, including 11 children, were killed on Tuesday in a terrorist attack in the Afrin city northwestern Syria.

27 April 2020
Israel missile attacks on southern Syria + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: This morning, the Israeli warplanes targeted some points in southwestern Damascus.

26 April 2020
Opinion: Investigation of the latest military-security situation in Idlib

Following liberation of Damascus-Aleppo highway (M5) from terrorists by Syrian army in the fifth step of operation in Idlib province under aerial support of Russians and ground help of resistance forces, the Syrian army moved toward M4 highway. This increased the front line with Turkish forces and Turks lobbying with Russia made an opportunity for a ceasefire. This article addresses the latest situation in Idlib province.

26 April 2020
Turkey increases sending Syrian militants to Libya

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated on April 25 that Turkey has deployed a new batch of at least 2,100 Syrian militants in Libya.