21 December 2019
Syria: Terrorist attack to Homs oil infrastructure

ISWNews Analysis Group: Oil Minister of Syria with a team of experts visited the damages of oil infrastructure.

21 December 2019
Map: Syrian Army Liberated 90km2 in Southern Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Syrian Army operation in southern Idlib, the village of Rafah was liberated in north of Tal al-Sheikh.

21 December 2019
Militants heavy attack repelled in Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria, due to militant attack in Idlib fronts on Thursday, 17 soldiers of Syrian army martyred and 42 wounded.

20 December 2019
Map: Outstanding advances of Syrian Army in south of Idlib province!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army and Suhail Hassan forces could reclaim many villages and areas from terrorists in south of Idlib by launching blitzkrieg operations in the last 24 hours.

20 December 2019
Short News, 19 December 2019

Short news from Syria, Iraq and Palestine

20 December 2019
Map: Syrian Army Start Advances in Southern Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: On December 19, the Syrian Army captured the Um Jalal village in southern Idlib with support of Russian warplanes and Syrian artillery.

18 December 2019
Terrorist Attack in Syria’s Raas al-Ayn

ISWNews Analysis Group: A car blast in the town of Ras al-Ayn killed 5 and injured 15.

17 December 2019
Saudis to partner with Deir ez-Zur oil

ISWNews Analysis Group: The US-led coalition plans to partner with Saudi Arabia’s Aramco to expand its oil trade in the northern Deir ez-Zur oil fields.

14 December 2019
Opinion: What Does US. Want in Syria?

Conflict between different groups is US primary goal. Since a powerful stable central government in Syria means an end to Israel ambitions and Trump is playing in Syria’s court to cover up his failures in foreign policy.

12 December 2019
Syrian War Report – December 9, 2019: Syrian Army Increasing Its Presence Along Turkish Border
12 December 2019
Latest Updates on Syria, 11 December 2019

Latest news from Syria’s frontlines

09 December 2019
Syrian War Report – December 6, 2019: Israeli Air Force Bombed ‘Iranian Targets’ Near Al-Bukamal