27 November 2019
Map: Latest Military Situation in North of Raqqah, 27 November 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Artillery duels and sporadic clashes between Turkey’s mercenaries on one side and Syrian Army and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the other side continue in north of Ayn Issa.

27 November 2019
Image: Satellite Images of Israel Attacks on Syria

On November 20, the Israeli regime launched a series of missile strikes against targets on the outskirts of Damascus in the wake of its hostile policies against Syria.

25 November 2019
Breaking: Airstrike on Turkish forces in Aleppo

ISWNews Analysis Group: Unknown warplanes attacked positions and oil reservoirs of Turkey-led forces in north of Aleppo province.

25 November 2019
Map: Syrian Army Advances in South of Idlib Province

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army liberated villages Mushairifa Shamaliah and Um al-Khalakhil from terrorists of Tahrir al Sham in south of Idlib province.

24 November 2019
Erecting New Military Posts by Turkey in East of Euphrates

ISWNews Analysis Group: In recent weeks Turkish Army built several new military posts in newly occupied areas in east of Euphrates, Syria.

24 November 2019
Map: Latest Military Situation in Northeast of Syria
23 November 2019
Map: Turkey-led Forces Attacks to Capture Ayn Issa

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today on 23 November, the militants with Turkish Army heavy air and artillery support have begun a large-scale attacks to capture Ayn Issa in north of Raqqah province.

20 November 2019
Breaking: Israeli Attacks on Syria Again!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night Israeli warplanes again violated the Syria’s sovereignty and target some positions in Damascus.

19 November 2019
Latest Updates on Syria, 19 November 2019
19 November 2019
Breaking: Israeli Missile Attacks in Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to local sources Israeli regime carried out several missile strikes on Damascus.

16 November 2019
Syrian War Report – November 15, 2019: Syrian Army Kicks Off New Offensive In Southern Idlib
15 November 2019
Map: Latest Updates on Militray Situation in Ras al-Ayn-Tal Tamar Axis, 14 November, 2019

Heavy conflicts between SDF and Syrian army on one side and Turkey backed militia on the other side is continuing at north of Tal Tamar, Hasakah province.