US last effort entitled “last opportunity”

Friday 10 January 2020 - 16:50

Iraq’s parliament bill regarding foreign forces expulsion and Adil Abdul-Mahdi’s administration economical agreements with China bittered US taste and their movements are trying to pour gas on the fire of Iraq’s small remainder of protests.

It’s been a few days that movements close to USA have called for March on Friday as “last opportunity”, trying to put Iraq in chaos again.
In the statement released by these movements there are slogans: we don’t want sanctions, Marja, parties, politicians, mercenaries, militants, we want the nation.

In this regard, al-Araqi, who publishes Muqtada Sadr’s views, said:
Warning or advice
If on Friday these slogans are chanted or placards showing them are raised or flyers distributed or demands requested which contain these nonsenses, you should know that this is the end of the revolution that chose the wrong path.
Iraq is Iraq of holy prophet.
Iraq is Iraq of Masoumin (immaculates).
Iraq is Iraq of saints.
Iraq is Iraq of Marjas and scholars.
Iraq is Iraq of thinkers and poets.
Iraq is Iraq of civilization and history.
Iraq is Iraq of independence and rule of law.
Iraq doesn’t have room for occupiers. Iraq is not Chicago or xxx. But Iraq is Iraq of moderation.

There are news that office of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq in Najaf was set ablaze and people are gathering in Karbala and Basra. We should wait and see what will happen tomorrow in Iraq.

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