Opinion: Haj Qassem Soleimani takes revenge on US!

Saturday 11 January 2020 - 11:44

The important point that has been appeared after Gen. Soleimani’s testimony, and is important , is the bless of this martyr’s blood. Haj Qassem’s testimony was a turning point in his proudful life, and the extent that his testimony and blood has affected and will affect on unity of Muslims and freedman, perhaps his presence […]

The important point that has been appeared after Gen. Soleimani’s testimony, and is important , is the bless of this martyr’s blood. Haj Qassem’s testimony was a turning point in his proudful life, and the extent that his testimony and blood has affected and will affect on unity of Muslims and freedman, perhaps his presence in the region could not have such an effect.

1. Where did the story start?
The totality of story from the beginning to now is as follows, based on media viewpoint.
The tensions between the Resistance groups and the US have increased in Iraq field in the recent month, and US fighters are bombarding Search Results Web results Kata’ib Hezbollah positions in the border areas of Iraq and Syria. In respond, Hashd Al Shaabi send its advocates to US embassy and demand expulsion of American militaries from Iraq.
Beside this, unknown persons have attacked by rocket on US base K1 in northwest of Kirkuk and an American contractor gets killed.
A few days later, the US with this excuse and based on spies information, monitors the commander of Quds forces and his companions and hosts on the Baghdad airport path, and targeting them by UAV attack and making them martyr.
The tensions between the three countries, Iran and Iraq on one side and the US on the other side are increasing and Iraqi parliament cancel the security treaty with US and demands withdrawing US troops from territory of this country.
Iran, after several days of waiting, in its initial response, targeting two US bases in Iraq (Ain al Assad and Erbil) by missile attack that its complete details have not been released. According to US officials, Iran’s attack had no casualties, that believing such an obvious lie is so naively.
( See Gen. Hajizade’s report at “Video: Full details of IRGC missile attack against US bases in Iraq” for more details. )

2. What was the conclusion of US attack on Iran and Iran’s response?
Regardless of this attack’s details, that about them it is better to rely on pictorial documents and matched statistics, this attack and not responding of US, highlighted some points:
a) The US disgrace: The US had not received such an attack at this level since World War II. The mediating of Switzerland and Qatar, the repeated and demoniac threats of US before the strikes and the strange retreat after the missile attack, which we will explain more about it, is the sign of disgrace of this country in confronting with its enemies.
b) The military authority of Iran: Crushing two US bases and running Iran’s threats showed the world that response to the invasion of Iran, is a heavy missile strike,  and the advanced fighters, nuclear weapons, coalition formation and even powerful economy, will not put Iran in weak situation.
c) Strengthening Iran’s unity in the country and region: Million ceremonies of martyr’s funerals in Iraq and Iran, the vast rallies of people in the region from Kashmir and Pakistan to Bahrain and Nigeria, the Resistance group’s announcement of support in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, is the sign of  reinforcement of unity of Resistance groups after US attack.
d) The groups that secretly were supported by US embassy, in recent clashes were in US side or had not any position, and it was cleared for Iraqi people that essence of these groups is absurd and some of them is American. Also Adel Abd Almahdi’s disclosure in Iraqi parliament session, revealed other plots of US in protests of Iraq.

3. What were US lies about the recent conflicts?
The Americans have said that Gen. Soleimani’s trip to Baghdad was a  preparation for attack on the US embassy, but this false claim was rejected with the statement of current Iraqi Prime Minister, Abdul Mahdi in the parliament based on: Martyr Soleimani wanted to have a visit with us for giving Iran’s response to Saudi Arabia’s mail.
The second lie is about US troops casualties at the Ain Al Assad base, that its details isn’t clear, but transferring casualties to Jordan and Israel and Baghdad is imminent, by monitoring of US planes.

4. Warning to all Resistance groups!
Now, some European countries that are allies of US in Iraq, are leaving coalition bases, and Resistance groups in Iraq have threatened that if refuse to leave Iraq, should wait for a crushing response.
The military conflict between Iran and the US is apparently over, but it is possible that US will attack, any moment. Considering the US previous retreats experiences, in Twitter policy and in practice, should not forget that whenever they retreat,  they are preparing for attack, surely. The  government of  gambler Trump tried to make sedition in Iran, after claiming for negotiation with a time gap after overthrowing the UAV. After neutralizing of sedition in Iraq by Hashd Al Shaabi, attacked on Kataib Hezbollah and did a war operation against commander of Quds IRGC, after US embassy’s rallies. Now, after Ain Al Assad blow, has invited to peace, that this issue is a serious and clear warn for Resistance groups and Iran’s political and military officials.

5. A warning to the Iranian people and the countries of the region
Generally, we see that audiences and our dear people say that the recent missile attack on US bases is not tailored in response to the testimony of Gen. Soleimani and the title of “hard revenge” said by the revolutionary supreme leader.
In this regard, it should be noted that first of all a “hard revenge” on US and its allies, is expulsion of them from Islamic world, and military attack with any level, will not compensate the testimony of a person like Haj Qassem Soleimani.
Second, in military confrontation the IRGC and Resistance groups have upper hand, surely. And the US can not confront with our UAV and missile attacks.The evidences in this regard, are the overthrowing the American UAV in the Hormoz strait by Iranian systems , missile attack on Ain Al Assad and released images and videos from these attacks.
Third, real revenge is the time that people in our country and  in the region, will reach the level of awareness, that the dominance of foreign powers is only for colonization. And they should prove this understanding in practice, and they should not wait for someone or a group from outside, to do something for their welfare.

Based on the knowledges we have of Haj Qassem, there is no doubt that the aim of this greatman was this, too. Otherwise, eliminating of Israel in few days of battle, is not impossible for Resistance groups. God Willing , the region will be more aware in bless of this martyr’s blood and Haj Qassem Soleimani will drown the US in his blood.

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