Video: Full details of IRGC missile attack against US bases in Iraq

Thursday, 9 January 2020 - 21:47

ISWNews Analysis Group: Gen. Hajizadeh the commander of IRGC Aerospace Force, explained the details of Iran missile attacks against US bases in Iraq in a press conference.

– The assassination of Haj Qasem Soleimani was one of the greatest historical and strategic mistakes of the US and this issue will cause for beginning of a very vast developments in the region and in the world.

– The real revenge of the martyrs, is the complete expulsion of US from the region, as Supreme Leader emphasized.

– Operation “Martyr Soleimani” was the beginning of a great operation that will continue in the entire region.

– We identified the bases that were participated in this terrorist operation, in early hours.

– Al-Taji and Ain al Assad bases in Iraq, Shahid Mo’affar base in Jordan and Ali al-Salem base in Kuwait have played role in Gen. Soleimani’s assassination plot.

– Al Taji base was initially selected for the attack, but hours before the operation, the target was changed and Ain al Assad was selected.
Al Taji is the common base of Iraqi and American forces near of Baghdad. For the sake of Iraqi forces and preventing civilians from disturbing the sound of explosions, we chose the Ain al Assad base, the largest US base in Iraq, 170 kilometers from Baghdad.

– In Operation Martyr Soleimani, there was US against us that had not been fired toward it after World War II, but there was an expectation for confrontation.

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– We had prepared ourselves for a battle, and of course our next blows would be heavier and certainly more extensive, but this confrontation was not continued because of their restraint.

– We could target the location of troops and gatherings, and all of these sites were known for us. But we didn’t want only to kill and our major aim was disabling their war machine and military power.

– Their command center completely destroyed, and Americans had heavy casualties in this command center.

– All of our missiles hit the targets, but the US failed to defend itself although having equipments and defense systems and was not been fired even a shot at our missiles.

– After the operation, at least 9 C-130 aircraft transported American dead and wounded to Israel and Jordan, and the evidences are available.

– Many Chinook helicopters transported the wounded to the American hospital in Baghdad, near the US embassy.

– Although dozens were killed and wounded, we did not seek to kill anyone in the operation.

– The Americans were in full alert and 12 reconnaissance aircraft were monitoring anxiously.

– Fifteen minutes after the missile strikes, we started an important electronic warfare operation and cut the US control over all their UAVs above the Ain Al Assad for a while. And we destroyed the communication link and the image link.

– The images of the incident were transmitting live and online to the US by eight MQ9 UAVs.

– Based on what we saw in the command room, it was clear that the psychological impact of this issue for the US military and those behind the guidance systems were more than missile strikes.

– We fired 13 missiles to Iraqi bases, but we had prepared several hundred missiles for firing.

– If the US responded, this conflict would probably lasted for three days to a week, and we had prepared several thousand missiles for this situation.

– Honestly, we just weren’t looking for casualties, and if we were looking for casualties, we could have designed the operation to have at least 500 killed in the first step, and if they retaliated, we would no longer have a duty to save the lives of the US military personnel, and in the second and third steps of first 48 hours, would be killed 5000 of Americans.

– However, a number of them were killed in the recent operation, and the statistics will eventually be revealed.

– To the American people: The Zionists use the American people’s money for achieve Israel’s goals. The American people should learn from this attack and put their rulers in pressure to withdraw US forces from this region, with low cost and without casualties.

– They should leave the region before it’s too late. The new resistance cores are emerging in the region, and if they do not leave the region, they will have to leave the region in the future, with great disgrace and damage.

– To the rulers of the Arab countries of the region:
You saw that this was US; they had said that if anyone attacks against US bases in these countries, US will enter and defend them and will involve in war. The Americans not only didn’t enter in war because of you, and they will not enter in future too, but also didn’t enter in war for themselves! This is US.

– To the people of the region:
As the Iraqi people and parliament decided to expel the Americans, they should decide too. The Kuwaitis should decide. The Emirates should decide. The Qataris should decide. The Bahrainis should decide. The Omanis should decide. The Jordanians should decide. The Afghans should decide. Decide! otherwise the groups and cores of Resistance will decide and impose it on you!

– The decision has been made by the Resistance groups; the blood of martyr Soleimani will trigger a tsunami that will drown all of them.

– The operation that we did, was not a small operation in military aspect. But YES in comparison to martyrs blood and martyr Soleimani’s blood is small.
Based on Supreme Leader’s speech, the real revenge of martyrs is US expulsion from the region and this attack was only the beginning of it.

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