Video: Imam Khamenei’s important points in “Friday Prayer”

Sunday, 19 January 2020 - 18:53

Iran’s Leader Ayatullah Khamenei attended Friday Prayer for the first time after 8 years and noted some very important and decisive points:

– Funeral of the the commander of the Quds Force, was the largest farewell in the world.

– Tens of millions took part in the funeral of the martyrs and this is the day when the hand of the power of God is seen by human beings in events.

– The attack on Al-Asad by the IRGC abolished the prestige and awe of the US and this is “Day of Allah”.

– These days are turning points in history. They are days, which build history and not typical days.

– Gen. Soleimani was the strongest and most prominent anti-terrorist commander of the whole region.

– The Quds Forces are the borderless warriors.

– The American clowns who shamelessly say that they are standing by the Iranian people, They lie!

– They say this because they want to stick the poisoned dagger into the back of the Iranian nation.

– Do those few hundreds of people who disrespect our honored martyr represent the Iranians? Or, does this huge crowd of millions who came to the streets represent the Iranian nation?

– Westerners are negotiating with deception, the gentlemen behind the table are the Baghdad airport terrorists. They are the same and change clothes.

– The UK, France and Germany look forward to bringing the Iranian nation to its knees.

– The US who was your master and your leader was unable. You are not powerful enough to bring the Iranian nation to its knees.

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