Video: Iran’s new Quds leader vows ‘manly’ revenge for martyr Soleimani!

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 - 15:03

ISWNews Analysis Group: General Qa’ani in his inauguration ceremony in Quds Corps stated the enemy attack to martyr Soleimani was the pinnacle of cowardice and promised to take revenge for martyr Soleimani in a “chivalrous” manner with the help of free men of the whole world.

Qa’ani said:
“The enemy (US) killed martyr Soleimani cowardly, they were not man enough to face Haj Qassem on the battlefield; They martyred our high-ranking commander in the most cowardly manner. They hit him cowardly but with the grace of God and through endeavours of all free men around the world who want vengeance over his blood, we will strike back at his enemy in a manly way.”

In this ceremony the edict of leader of revolution was presented to general Qa’ani and Brig. Gen. Sayyid Mohammad Hejazi was also assigned as deputy of general Qa’ani, assigned by General Salami, commander of IRGC.

The ceremony was held in presence of military officials and children of general martyr Soleimani.

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