Latest updates on Libya, 26 January 2020

Monday, 27 January 2020 - 12:53

Latest news of ceasefire violations in Tripoli and conflicts in southern Misrata

1. Tripoli:
– LNA airstrike to Mitiga airport resulted in death of an individual with Moroccan citizenship and three others injury. Some of flights in airports Mitiga and Misrata cancelled.
– Due to airstrike by LNA to Sharfa Malaha area near Mitiga airport three people injured.
– Due to LNA airstrike to Hadba area and near Safa hospital, south of Tripoli, two people injured.
– Sparse engagements in south of Tripoli.

2. Heavy engagement between LNA and GNA in Abu Qarin.
– Following LNA attack in south of Abu Qarin axis, the area fell for a few years and later GNA fought it back and reclaimed it.
– GNA claimed to kill seven Libyan and four Sudanese and captured eight from LNA.
– LNA sources claim to control al-Qaddahiya.

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