Video: The controversial and anti-US statements of Abdul Latif Pedram in Afghanistan

Tuesday, 28 January 2020 - 23:16

Statements of Abdul Latif Pedram, leader of the National Congress Party of Afghanistan against the United States, and about the role of Gen. Soleimani in the region and Afghanistan

– This war, is the war of the Persian civilization, Khorasan and Islamic civilizations with the Americans.
– We have fights with the Americans in the Middle East, and the brilliant General, martyr Soleimani was a barricade against dominance of Americans in the region.
– He fought thousands of times beside Commander Ahmad Shah Masoud in the attack against Afghanistan.
– Why they martyred Ahmad Shah Massoud? Who martyred Gen. Soleimani? The US did this, and this is the state terrorism.
– The Saudis, right or wrong, informed Iraq about their intention for peace with Iran, and he had gone to Baghdad for peace with Saudi Arabia, that they assassinated him.
– Who fought ISIS? The US, that created ISIS?

Abdul Latif Pedram is the National Congress Party of Afghanistan and one of the Afghan presidential election candidates, that has been active in the political and cultural front in recent years, and has been from the allies of Ahmad Shah Masoud.
His policy is nationalism and he is the Badakhshan’s delegate in the Afghanistan parliament.

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