Report on “Operation Olive Branch”, January 23, 2018

Wednesday 24 January 18 - 15:08

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: In the fourth day of Turkish and FSA operation in Afrin, today YPG Kurdish troops could effectively challenge Turkish front.

During yesterday operations, the commandment of Operation Branch Olive reports occupation of Barsaya Mountain several times, however due to vastness of the area and published pictures, it is obvious that they could only take some low heights.

Moreover YPG forces take over those heights by counter attack. In general it can be said that the complete occupation of either sides over Barsaya Mountain cannot be confirmed.


Anadolu Agency confirms death of nine soldiers of Turkish Army during the Operation Olive Branch. Kurdish resources claiming death of 55 troops from Turkish and Free Armies so far.


Some news regarding entering Turkish Special Forces Unit, “Bordo Bereleri” are broadcasted yesterday.


Bilal Erdogan, son of Turkish President presence in commanding center of the operation provokes Turkish media criticism.


Qamishli and Hasakah Kurdish self-governing districts call public for duty.


Turkish Army hit some positions in Qamishli by artillery. It is said that some civilian houses are hit too.


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