Casualties of Turkish Army in Idlib, Syria

Tuesday, 4 February 2020 - 12:34

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish army published photos of seven troops who were killed due to Syrian army bombing west of Saraqeb, Idlib province.

Turkish forces were moving to Turanbah village, west of Saraqeb town to prevent Syrian army advances in the axis that were targeted by Syrian army artillery. Russian forces stated that Turkish army forces moved without coordinating with them and thus Russian and Syrian forces were unaware of them.

In recent weeks Syrian army is conducting a vast operation to liberate Idlib province from terrorists. On the other hand Turkish army activities have increased in the form of observation posts in Idlib province.

Upon increasing the tensions between Turkey and Syria, spokesperson of AK Party in an interview with CNN said that Syrian army forces who come close to Turkish observation posts are considered military targets.

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