Map: Syrian Army Encircles Saraqeb!

Thursday, 6 February 2020 - 14:34

Following the Syrian army’s operation in Idlib province, the village of Afis and al-Salihiya was liberated north of the town of Saraqab, thus these advances placing the town of Saraqab in full siege.

In recent days, local militants in Saraqeb and Sarmin have voiced criticism against Tahrir al-Sham, believing that the terrorist group has effectively left them alone on the battlefield against the Syrian army. Tahrir al-Sham either withdraws from the Syrian army’s advance areas or does not deploy troops needed to engage with the Syrian army.

But the situation in southern Aleppo is very different! It seems with Erdogan’s order, terrorist groups appear to have focused more on Syrian army and Resistance forces advancements around Aleppo city, and any slight advance around Aleppo is met with heavy resistance and widespread suicide waves by Tahrir al-Sham terrorists.
Obviously, keeping the occupied areas around Aleppo city at least in the current situation is very important and valuable for Turkey, and the inactivity of the HTS forces in Idlib province and their focus around the city of Aleppo indicates this.

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