Will Turkey start a war with Syrian Army?

Saturday, 8 February 2020 - 23:12

ISWNews Analysis Group: After recent tensions between the Syrian army and Turkey, a large military convoy entered Syrian territory from Turkish borders and are going to Idlib and things are getting more complicated!

This military convoy includes 330 armored, tank and military vehicles that yesterday that has entered to Idlib province in the north west of Syria.

Erdogan in his latest speech, with criticizing the supporting of Iran and Russia of Syrian army’s operation, emphasized on his seriousness for confronting with this operation and has determined deadline for withdrawal of Syrian army until the end of February.

Simultaneous with these events, Turkish foreign ministry has informed of starting the negotiations with Russia about Idlib.

These developments have been formed after recent clashes between Turkey and Syrian army near the city of Saraqib, that during it 6 members of Turkey’s military were killed and now the extensive sending of troops of Turkey to Idlib after operations of Euphrates shield (in the north of Hassakah and Raqqa) and olive branch(in north of Aleppo) is the third clear invasion of this country to Syrian territory.

Video is about sending of Turkish troops to Idlib.

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