GNA canceled the participation in the Libyan negotiations

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 - 13:27

ISWNews Analysis Group: Government of National Accord (GNA) canceled its participation in the Libyan negotiations, due to the ceasefire violation by LNA.

Following the attacks and ceasefire violation by LNA in Tripoli, GNA finally canceled its participation in the military negotiations of 5+5 that had been held for setting ceasefire with supporting of UN. Also, GNA demanded international pressure on LNA.
Due to the attacks of LNA artillery on Tripoli port, a ship was burned and 3 civilians killed and 5 other hurt. The LNA sources claim this ship belonged to Turkey and contained military equipment and weapons, and LNA artillery has targeted the cargo.

Also today a drone of GNA forces, was shot down by LNA in the south of Tripoli.

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