Map: Militants captured Afis, SAA the whole Zawiya mountain!

Thursday, 27 February 2020 - 08:56

Following the Syrian Army advances south of Idlib province on February 26, an area of nearly 105 square kilometers, including 15 new villages in al-Zawiya mountain, was liberated from the occupation of terrorist groups.

With the advances that took place, Zawiya mountain actually came under the Syrian army control and the Turkish observation post at Sher Moghar will soon be completely besieged by the Syrian army. Most part of al-Ghab Plain is also considered militarily liberated.

The initiative in this axis is still in the hands of the Syrian Army; the Syrian Army can continue advances along the al-Ghab Plain to the north to cut the M4 highway, or directly into the depths of Arbaein mountain, and by simultaneously moving from the Nayrab axis, scissors the militants in Arbaein mountain or a combination of both…

On February 26, in the Saraqib axis, Turkish-backed terrorists succeeded in pushing the Syrian Army out of the village of Afis and Salehiya. The militants also managed to recapture the Nayrab on February 25.
According to the latest information, the auxiliary forces have been dispatched to the area and it is said that the counterattack has begun.

Turkish-backed militants have suffered heavy casualties in recent days to recapture the these areas. The geographical situation of the region and the open plains between Saraqib and Sarmin have effectively left the militants defenseless against Russian air strikes and the Syrian army artillery.

If the Syrian Army can maintain at least Saraqib, it will have a great victory. Because advancing in Zawiyah mountain and Arbaen mountain and taking control of these highly important areas will determine the future of battles on the axis of Jisr al-Shughur and the city of Idlib; and the militants have begun a heavy gambling by emptying the southern flanks of Idlib and focusing on Saraqib, which failure in accomplishment of this task could result the loss of an important region of Jisr al-Shughur.

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