Latest updates on al-Jawf battles, 26 February 2020

Thursday 27 February 2020 - 11:19

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah heavy attack to Saudi coalition positions in Ghayl district and north of Majzar district.

Today’s attacks were in three axes:
1- Rawd to Salamat crossroad
2- Shqawaq to Adhbah
3- North of Wadi Yibar

So far no updates on stabilizing the advances of Ansar Allah but some sources claimed Ansar Allah liberated Rawd, Adhbah, Quwayhish and Nobat Saber.
Saudi coalition warplanes raided these areas more than 21 times today which is an indication of severity of battle in Ghyal and north of Majzar (Marib province) front.

Saudi coalition deployed a large convoy of reinforcement and equipment from Marib to Hazm which show’s coalition’s determination to prevent fall of Hazm.
It should be noted that the report by Muhammed al-Arab, anchor of Saudi coalition, is from Hazm road and not related to Ghayl front. Some sources claimed the report is about Ghayl by mistake.

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