Video: New aerial images of Turkish artillery and UAVs targeting Syrian army positions in Idlib

Friday, 28 February 2020 - 23:54

Over the past 24 hours, after the deaths of a large number of Turkish troops in Russian airstrikes and Syrian artillery attacks, the Turkish media has been continuously releasing new images of the targeting of Syrian positions by Turkish drones and artillery.

This 10-minute clip is the latest images released by the Turkish media. The images of this clip is not necessarily from the past 24 hours, but according to some Turkish sources, most of them are of the attacks that the Turkish army has carried out over the past 20 days against the positions and equipment of the Syrian army.

This clip clearly shows the Turkish army’s air strikes on Syrian army personnel, equipment, fortifications and even artillery. These images clearly demonstrate how Turkey is blatantly violating international law, invading Syria and violating Syrian sovereignty.

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