Map: Latest Military Situation in al-Hazm Axis, Jawf 28 February 2020

Saturday 29 February 2020 - 00:21

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Ansar Allah and Popular Committees operation in the south of al-Hazm, the al-Ghayl district was completely captured from the Saudi-led forces.

According to our sources in the area, yesterday’s attacks by Ansar Allah on the southern axis of al-Hazm town, the center of al-Jawf province, led to the complete liberation of al-Ghayl village, the center of al-Ghayl district and the villages of al-Adhaba, al-Shalaq, al-Matalee and al-Ashah.

Saudi warplanes also bombed Sadba and al-Ghayl areas eight times yesterday. On the other hand, Ansar Allah targeted the Saudi coalition positions in al-Hazm and a Saudi coalition headquarters in Marib with drones and missiles.
Currently, clashes continue in the al-Salamat and the village of Zilan and also in the northern axis of al-Hazm, clashes have stopped in the Sadba area.

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