Latest Updates on Eastern Ghouta of Damascus; the Ghouta is Divided into Three Parts!

Monday, 12 March 2018 - 20:33

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports that Syrian Army and Presidential Guard forces by advancing in Harasta, could separate this area from other parts of Ghouta.

Therefore militia are surrounded in three separate regions.

The first area is in Rayhan and Duma regions, the second is in Harasta region and the third is in south of Ghouta in regions such as Arbin, Zemelka, Hamuriya, Jobar …


Harasta surrounding happened after that forces present in south of al-Biruni hospital reached Duma-Harasta road in north of vehicles’ base.


Aftris region in south region of eastern Ghouta is also liberated by Syrian Army after three days of engagement.

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