Map: Latest updates on al-Jawf front, 30 March 2020

Monday 30 March 2020 - 14:43

ISWNews Analysis Group: Heavy engagement between Ansar Allah and Mansoor Hadi forces continue in the eastern axis of al-Hazm town.

At the moment, engagement in north of al-Labanat base, Labnah mountain, and areas Sayl and Andar are continuing and Ansar Allah has not been able to liberate al-Labanat base yet.

According to ISWNews source in the area, Ansar Allah’s attacks to al-Labanat base were not successful due to heavy air support by Saudi coalition warplanes and Mansoor Hadi forces resistance in the base. But since Mansoor Hadi forces defense line was breached already in areas Sayl and Andar, it is expected they retreat from al-Labanat.

Any advance and change in front lines will be reported.

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