Map: Ansar Allah operation end in al-Jawf province

Thursday 30 April 2020 - 01:17

ISWNews Analysis Group: General Yahya al-Sari, Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson, reported of Ansar Allah operation end in al Jawf province with liberation of more than 3000 km2 in the area.

During the Last phase of the operation “Fa’amkan Minhom”, near 3500 km2 were liberated in the southwest of al-Jawf province.

General al-Sari’ said:
– We announce the end of Fa’amkan Minhom operation, in which 95% of al Jawf province was liberated.
– In the last stage of the operation al-Labanat base, Aqsha’, Khasaf, Maraziq and Mahashima liberated.
– 1,200 traitors were killed in this operation.
– 3,500 km2 of area of al-Hazm desert and some areas in districts Khab and Shaaf liberated.
– The importance of al-Jawf desert was the establishment of ISIS and al Qaeda under support of USA, Saudi Arabia and UAE.
– Labanat base was the last stronghold of traitors in al Jawf and the gate to Marib province.
– Enemy forces launched heavy attacks numerous times which were repelled by the army and people’s immobilization.
– We have strategic options which makes the enemy to regret from the war and consequences are due to them.
– Enemy warbirds launched more than 256 airstrikes in al Jawf from end of March to first of April.

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