United Nations facing the truth in Eastern Ghouta; Syrian war an unprecedented touchstone + Video of one of Ghouta citizens being martyred by militants.

Wednesday 14 March 2018 - 12:36

Syrian war became an unprecedented touchstone to measure the efficiency and trustworthiness of huge international and human rights organizations, which was also a reflection of their failure and scandal.

Following the one-sided and faulty narrative of western governments and supporters of the militants, unprofessional, inhumane perspective, double and hypocritical standards that were clearly challenged in the synchronous events in eastern Ghouta-Damascus-Afrin right now, and previously in Aleppo-Mousel-Raqqa, are considered.


Least of outcomes from this approach is downgrading the international organizations such as united nations, human right observer, amnesty international and even the red crescent to the level of a worthless tool in hands of warmongering western governments and their peers in western Asia and northern Africa.


As expected, developments in Eastern Ghouta and its international reflection was similar to freeing eastern Aleppo. Although considering the documents and local militants in two regions we can say that social fabric of eastern Ghouta shows more support for militants, but still there are a lot of people in this region that oppose militants’ presence in their parts.


Recent demonstration in eastern Ghouta’s towns which is growing in numbers each day, proves this fact.

A fact that has almost zero reflection in western media and even international organizations. Because this portion of people, does not favor their version of story.
So they’re censored out of the news just like the couple of million people in Damascus under daily mortars barrage, and also people of Salhab, Mahradeh, Fu’ah and Kafraya and rest of civilians in government territories.

Even news from Afrin’s kurds that had more than 220 civilian causalities since the beginning of Turky’s operation in the past 50 days, got less coverage than Kubani.


Official twitter account of united nations for humanitarian aid mentioned a bombardment of the safe passage for red crescent and UN aid convoy and also civilians without mentioning the attacker.

Anne Barnard, New York time’s bureau chief in Beirut, while mentioning that tweet acknowledges that according to talks she had with authorities and also contacting people inside Ghouta, militants target the people who want to leave Ghouta with snipers, just like they did in Aleppo:

Snipers Slam Shut an Escape Hatch From a Syrian Hell


However according to NY times policy toward the war in Syria and supporting the militants, Barnard tries to cover that issue in her next twits with bringing up the baseless claims that Syrian government captures and punishes the people who exit Ghouta.


A claim that was also made in western media during freeing of eastern Aleppo, but 130 to 160 thousand people safely exiting eastern Aleppo nullified it.

Official statement of Jaish al Islam on prohibition of exiting their controlled territories with the excuse of preventing the mandatory immigration forced by Syrian government, proves that the militants use these civilians as a human shield.


As expected, ny times changed the title in an unprofessional manner and used the vague “snipers” word instead of “rebel snipers”:


The video below shows yesterday’s demonstration in Kafr Batna one of towns in Eastern Ghouta, where people chant “ we don’t want the militants, we want Syrian arab army”




Also, today in continuing the demonstration against militants in Kafr Batna, militants martyred one person by opening fire. The video below shows moment after bullet hit.


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