Latest updates on fronts Marib and al Jawf, 16 April 2020

Thursday, 16 April 2020 - 11:19

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah’s engagement with Saudi coalition forces in west of Marib and near the Khanjar base in west of al-Jawf province continue.

1. Marib:
– Ansar Allah advanced in Wadi Halhalan for the several times but due to heavy airstrikes by the Saudi coalition warplanes (more than 20 airstrikes), could not stabilize the advances.
– Ansar Allah activated other fronts of Marib such as Wadi al-Jufrah, south of the road, Kasarat and east of Mashjah to occupy Saudi coalition forces and break the tie of advances. If this continues, Saudi coalition retreat from west of Marib is predictable.

2. Al Jawf:
Unlike the lies broadcasted by Saudi coalition media, Khanjar base is in control of Ansar Allah and the coalition attacks after three days of heavy engagements and more than six airstrikes was futile.

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