Iraq’s reaction to Turkish airstrikes in depth of its territory

Friday, 17 April 2020 - 15:00
جنگنده ترکیه

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Iraqi joint operation command strongly condemned Turkey’s action in targeting some parts in northeast of Iraq by issuing a statement, and called it provocative and violating the Iraqi sovereignty.

On the other hand, the Turkish ambassador was summoned by the Iraqi foreign minister, and was announced the severe protest of Baghdad to him regarding military aggression of Turkish fighters to this country.

The Iraqi parliament’s security and defense commission also demanded from this country’s government that sue to the security council over Turkish repeated airstrikes in the depth of Iraqi territory.

Two days ago, Turkish fighters bombed the mountains of the Verti and Rawandouz regions in northeast of Erbil and Makhmur area several times, by violating the Iraqi national sovereignty.

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