Latest News on Yemen 25 March 2018; Statistics of Three Years of People’s Resistance against Saudi Alliance Aggression

Wednesday, 28 March 2018 - 15:06

Statistics presented by Ministry of Human Rights of Yemen; Clashes in Nihm; Clashes in Lahij

  1. Statistics presented by ministry of human rights of Yemen:
  • 247000 children dead due to malnutrition and 17608 dead due to not being able to travel abroad for medical treatment.
  • 1200 dead due to kidney failure and 2236 dead due to cholera and 450 miscarriages.
  • 2361 dead and injured due to terrorist attacks under support of the Alliance.
  • Civilian casualties: 38500 dead and injured: 2949 children, 2060 women and 8899 men.
  • 271 factories destroyed, 19 media centers destroyed and 28 TV/radio broadcasting relays destroyed.
  • 400 infrastructures and public and private roads destroyed, 420 electrical buildings destroyed.
  • 450 storage and stations for oil and gas and 85 sport complexes destroyed.
  • 9 airports, 14 harbors, 500 km road and 95 bridges destroyed.
  • 2641 educational buildings destroyed including: 293 completely and 2348 partially destroyed and 68 educational administration buildings.
  • 23 private and public universities destroyed and 60 public institutions
  • 5 million students do not go to school or university due to war.
  • Many fishermen dead and 93 fishing harbors and 4586 fishing boats destroyed.
  • 50 thousand fishermen are deprived from fishing in see.
  • 4948 agricultural facilities destroyed: 660 shopping centers, 200 food producing companies, 3500 agricultural houses and 1010 farms.
  • 1016 farms and 535 farmer markets and 40 village farmer markets and 81 markets and cold.
  • 8010 water supply infrastructures, 1090 water pumps and 10 solar powerplants destroyed.
  • 600 mosques and 291 touristic and 393 historical and ancient sites destroyed.


2. Hadi’s forces retreat from some of their positions in Nihm front due to heavy attacks performed by AnsarAllah and Yemeni Army. (Media close to the alliance declined this claim but released images from mount Yam proves the truth of the news.) above images are for the engagements in the front in the last few days.


3. Hadi’s forces claim to take control over the military base Taibat al Esm in district Bart al Anan in northwest of Al Jawf governorate.


4. Heavy engagement of Hadi’s forces and Saudi alliance with Army-AnsarAllah forces in Lahij front (regions Karash and Souq al Sharijah)


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  1. Adam Martin says:

    This is are completely inccorect statistics. Please consult Ansar’Allah (aka Houthis’) official media channel: al-maseerah. They have the most accurate figures.