Latest Updates on Iraq, 15 May 2020

Friday 15 May 2020 - 20:58

ISWNews Analysis Group: ISIS and Iraqi forces confrontation continues in north and west of the country.

1. Diyala:
– ISIS bombed Zuhra village, northeast of Baqubah by mortars. Five injured.
– ISIS attacked Mubarak village.
– Due to a roadside bomb en route Hashad Sha’abi convoy near Khanaqin three soldiers injured.

2. Babil:
Hashad Sha’abi repelled ISIS attack to Jurf al-Nasr. One Hashad Sha’abi troop martyred.

3. Anbar
– ISIS attack to south of Akashat repelled by Hashad Sha’abi.
– Hashad Sha’abi started cleansing operation in al-Anbar desert including areas Thamil, Ain Thamil, Wadi Qazaf, Rukm al-Ali, etc.

4. Salah al-Din:
ISIS attack to Mazarih, outskirts of Samarra, was expelled by Iraqi forces. Four Iraqi forces injured.

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