Yemen: Latest Updates on Baydha Front, 15 May 2020

Friday, 15 May 2020 - 21:28

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Ansar Allah and Saudi-led coalition forces clashes on the Qaniyah front, al-Kharaba and Ghoul Ahmad were liberated by Ansar Allah.

Since the beginning of the recent week clashes, Ansar Allah has liberated the areas of Hawran, al-Hamma, al-Yasbol, Ghuol Ahmad and al-Khadar in this front and has advanced to the south of Soq al-Qaniya.

Saudi coalition warplanes have also bombed Ansar Allah positions on the Qaniyah and Al-Sawadiyah fronts more than 33 times in the past three days, however this volume of bombing has not prevented Ansar Allah from advancing.

Ansar Allah needs to clear Soq al-Qaniya in order to stabilize these positions and remove the danger from the north of al-Baydha.

Interactive map

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  1. Aggiotaggio says:

    Thank you for your daily report about something no one is talking about!
    Can you publish a bigger map also pointing the battlefield with next articles?
    It will make easier to find where fight is ongoing for people like me than don’t speak Arab 🙂
    Great job and please keep going!

    1. Mirza says:

      Thank you for your warm words! and yes we will publish a new map regarding the al-Baydha front soon.