What are the main reasons to ISIS reactivation in Iraq?

Thursday, 21 May 2020 - 12:23

News of ISIS attacks on several parts of Iraq and confrontation between Hashd al-Shaabi (popular mobilization forces) against them have been a hot issue in eyes of Media and think tanks. A group which four years ago general Qasem Soleimani called its end as an “Honest Promise”. Haven’t been said that this group is no longer operational and have lost its organization? How this group is gaining power again?

In response to first question we should say that, this group’s organization and its leadership was totally destroyed; furthermore its Takfiri propaganda and members were disbanded but Takfiri ideology stood in place and was growing rapidly. Salafism which was brought to Iraq by Al Qaeda made up the group that was operating in different countries and regions including Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Africa. These people had strong belief in The Ideology and if not able to operate at least they were following-growing its rhetoric and theoretical beliefs in social media, books and essays. It’s not surprising that some soldiers under the slogan of “fighters of Islamic Caliphate’ are effortlessly trying to regroup and operate for establishing the so called Caliphate.

Having Second question in mind we should say, it has a much more comprehensive explanation which we have already discussed in previous articles. Coming to the Iraq’s issue, a careful observer will see traces of an American plot.

Dissolution of Iraq

We mentioned earlier US was planning different scenarios in case of leaving Iraq. One of these scenarios is dissolution of Iraq which Americans are a long fan of.

Since occupying Iraq in 2003 US have been pursuing its biggest goal which is dissolution. US plans to dissolute Iraq and divide it to three regions or states in order to secure the position of Zionist Regime because powerful and united Iraq is a grave danger to integrity of Zionist Regime. Next goal of US is disbanding the union of Shia Muslims whom are supported by Iran. It started in Afghanistan and continues to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. Therefore the main purpose is disintegrating Shia Axis of Resistance which is operating against US-Zionist interests and unfortunately they are trying to establish a Sunni region in western Iraq to cut the land Support which Iran is providing to Syria and Palestine.

It’s probable that after Iraqi parliament’s decision to evict US forces from Iraq, US will move its military bases to northern Iraq- Erbil resorting Kurdistan region. Then US will bring Kurdistan region’s Referendum into action which was halted during Haider al Abadi prime-ministership; furthermore US will pressure central government to reach above mentioned goals. US will use its international power to force international society to recognize new Kurdistan causing Erbil to turn into US operation headquarters in Iraq which will lead to the process of establishing a Sunni region in eastern Iraq.

Impacts of dissolution on terrorist groups

Headquarters and core operation spots of Takfiri Groups are in western and north western Iraq which are Sunni populated. Without governmental control on this region Shia-Sunni differences will be heightened due to prior political and economic policy making and will enter a new phase which is confrontation.

ISIS leaders are under the ideological impact of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who established Islamic State in Iraq. Zarqawi believed that Shias should be massecared in order to emotionilse them for attacking Sunnis. In this context we will face them and Sunni people will support us because they want to fortify their beliefs and deny Shia dominance. He belived that only availble option to gather Sunni support was by Relgious war.

It’s obvious that in the process of US efforts to dissolute Iraq, terrorist groups in northern and north western Iraq will find the opportunity to win Arab states of Persian Gulf support and attack some Shia holy places or cities and this will make outstanding news headlines.

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