Israeli Missile Attacks On The T4 Airbase In Homs province + Clip

Monday, 9 April 2018 - 09:26

Israeli fighters fired a number of missiles at the T4 (Tiyas) airbase over the Lebanon’s sky and following the attack, a number of forces were wounded and Martyred.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that Israeli F-15 fighters fired 8 missile and targeted the T4 airbase in the Homs province.


Syria’s defense systems managed to intercept and destroy five missiles and three other missiles hit the western part of the airport.


The Russian Defense Ministry said that none of the Russian advisers had been killed in this attack. Thus, the probable casualties will be related to Syrian forces or resistance.

Precise statistics are not available at this time.


It should be noted that the T4 airbase in recent years and even now is the first line of defense of the region (Homs) against the ISIS threats; This time what is the Israeli excuse for attacking T4 Airbase ?…

In the previous attack, they were blamed Syria for the drones that violating Israel space and then They attacked the Shu`ayrat airbase …

Images of the moment of tracking the missiles:

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