Yemen: Latest updates on Marib front, 15 June 2020

Monday, 15 June 2020 - 12:15

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah succeeded to liberate the Jabal Bahra, Jabal Nakhlan, parts of Wadi al-Jufra and Nakhlan military base.

Clashes are now continuing in the suburb of the Sanaa-Marib road, and according to pro-Saudi coalition sources, Ansar Allah has blocked this road.
Therefore, the al-Jufra region and its hospital are in a quasi-siege situation and there is a likelihood for imminent liberation of these regions.

Also, the released reports about the liberation of al-Salil, al-Sawda and Jabal Manama can not be confirmed by IWN, so far.

Ansar Allah’s advances on this axis is so important and in the recent days, the Saudi-led coalition warplanes have bombed these regions intensely to stop the Ansar Allah advances. Local sources have reported that during the last 24 hours, Saudi-led coalition warplanes struck these areas 49 times.

Interactive map of Marib

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