Rising tensions in southern Syria and the killing of Syrian army soldiers

Sunday, 28 June 2020 - 21:27

Due to clashes between a unit of the 5th Corps (ex-rebels) and the Syrian Army forces, two members of the 5th Corps and three Syrian Army soldiers were killed in the outskirts of Daraa.

During the recent weeks, tensions have been increased in south of Syria and in Daraa province, and these regions are witnessing protests against the Syrian government in Busr al-Sham and the Daraa and Suwayda cities.
On the other side, some forces of one of the units of the 5th Corps (and not all of them) took control of one of the Syrian army’s checkpoints in the Mahajah area, and also another checkpoint in the Seida-Kahil road; and this issue led to clashes and killing several members of the two sides.

The forces of the Syrian Army’s Fifth Corps are in fact the former militants of southern Syria who joined the Syrian army during the national reconciliation and under the supervision of Russia and formed this corps. In recent weeks, the rebellion of some of these forces has caused tensions in the region.

Now, the Syrian army has already dispatched a number of its 4th division troops to the region, and the security situation in the southern part of Syria has been increased.

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