Audience Question
Audience Question: Answering three important questions regarding AnsarAllah and Saudi coalition conflicts

1. As far as I follow Ansar Allah does not have any conflict with Al Qaeda and ISIS, why?
2. Why Ansar Allah’s operations are limited and only in a few provinces?
3. The situation is Al Hudaydah is strange. Why Ansar Allah does not answer Saudi coalition violations of ceasefire?

1. Al Qaeda mainly activates in southern areas, where Mansoor Hadi forces are present and not Ansar Allah. In fact, Al Qaeda is deep inside areas controlled by Mansoor Hadi and does not have a front line with AnsarAllah.
Al- Baydha province is an exception, in which Al Qaeda militants present in Suma’ah district and Zahir outskirts.
ISIS terrorists are sporadically present in north of Radaa’ and in recent years became very weak due to Ansar Allah’s operations.
It is noteworthy that these terrorist groups are close to Saudi coalition and Mansoor Hadi and usually fight under Saudi coalition forces in different fronts.
In recent months in cleansing operations of Ansar Allah in Al Jawf and Marib there were found clear evidences of ISIS presence. In recent conflicts of north of Baydha Saudi coalition strengthened Yaser al-Awadhi with ISIS and Al Qaeda reinforcement.

2. Ansar Allah launches its operations using specific tactics. Considering the harsh siege imposed on Yemen from air, ground and sea, Ansar Allah is using the strategy of saving and increasing the efficiency and only enters some fronts extensively which results in significant advances( or setbacks) and major strategic changes.
As an example, last month Saudi coalition attacked Nihm front from all aspects which (could) led to important changes in Sanaa front. Ansar Allah reclaimed the lands and expanded the attack until the threat was neutralized. Another extensive attack by Ansar Allah is in north of Baydha front which is still continuing aiming to infiltrate into Marib province.

3. Ansar Allah’s main answer to Saudi coalition ceasefire violation is repeating missile and drone attacks to depth of Saudi.
In Al Hudaydah, both sides are steering to middle course, but if we look closer, Ansar Allah has slightly upper hand. By this ceasefire the danger of losing the strategic harbor of Al Hudaydah and fighting in extensive terrainless lands in western coast are away for a long time, even though Ansar Allah positions in the west coast are bombed daily. The battle would be very difficult and costly for Ansar Allah considering Saudi coalition supremacy in sea and air. On the other hand avoiding this conflict gave Ansar Allah a good time to focus on other fronts such as al Jawf, Baydha and Marib.


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