Who killed Hisham al-Hashimi?

Wednesday, 8 July 2020 - 17:14

Assassination of Iraqi expert security analyst, Hisham al-Hashimi, was shocking. He was among the best and knowledgeable analyst in security, specially of ISIS and Al Qaeda organization.

He was not close to Iran, but even had many stances in favor of US coalition in recent years. During the battle against ISIS he had many discussions with Iraqi resistance groups and one of the hottest was about liberation of Mosul, in which we saw his stances completely against the Iraqi resistance group and in favor of exaggerating US coalition performance.

During the protests of Iraqis he turned more against Iran and allies, which resulted in distance with Shia movement in Iraq. Even though he had a close relationship with Shia and Hashad Sha’abi media and even in meetings with the resistance officials during the battle against ISIS.

This history caused US proxies to accuse Shia resistance groups of this assassination, which is highly irrelevant. If there supposed to be street assassination, Hashimi would be at the end of the list, since he did not possess any political or security threat for anyone.
Not even those who fought openly with resistance and Hashad Sha’abi including those who used cold and warm weapon against the resistance were not been targeted, left alone an analyst with huge media consequences.

However media close to ISIS took responsibility of this crime which cleans the name of other groups. But the anti-resistsnce movement in Iraq will abuse the situation for their interest anyway and it is predictable that pressure on resistance groups increased in recent days, which leads to other evolutions in Iraq and increases the possibility of political and security confrontation in Iraq.

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