New military agreement between Iran and Syria

Wednesday 8 July 20 - 17:31

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iran will consolidate military relations with Syria, including enforcing and developing the Syrian air defenses in the face of Israeli strikes, as part of a “comprehensive” military agreement signed Wednesday between Iran and Syria in Syrian capital Damascus.

Major Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, the Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff and Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayyoub, the Syrian Defense Minister announced the signing of a comprehensive agreement between the two countries on military and security cooperation.

The Syrian Defense Minister said in this regard:
“If the US government was able to bring Iran, Syria and the Resistance axis to their knees, it would not hesitate for a moment. Although the cost of resistance is high, it still costs less than surrender. Caesar law has been formed for the war with the Syrians in the providing of food, medicine and children necessities, and we are trying to counter the consequences of this law. Israel is the US partner in the war against Syria. The terrorist groups are a part of the Israelis aggression.”

Major Gen. Bagheri also said:
“We will strengthen the Syrian Air Defense ystems, in the path of strengthening the military cooperations between the two countries.
Turkey has had a little delayed in implementing its commitments against the Astane agreements based on the withdrawal of terrorist groups from Syria. Turkey should know that solving their security problems is be done by negotiation and making compromise with the Syrian government, not by the military presence in Syrian territory. The people and countries in the region do not welcome the US presence, and our response to US bully are continuing.”

Under the agreement, the Syrian army’s defense systems will be strengthened in the face of Israeli airstrikes, and cooperation between Iran and Syria in regional relations will increase.

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