Latest Updates on Iraq, 9 August 2020

Sunday, 9 August 2020 - 19:05

News and developments in Iraq in the past few days

– Prime ministry office: Al Kadhimi will travel to US next week per official invitation.

– Al Kadhimi selected 6 June 2021 as the date for early election. It is said Al Kadhimi will participate with a separate list.

– Kurdish controlled areas in north of Iraq were bombed by Turkish warplanes following the operation “Claw-Tiger” against PKK.

– Local sources: In the investigation of general Soleimani and al-Muhandis martyrdom by special committee, a cellphone company was giving information out of cellphone of a companions of martyr al-Muhandis to American command in Victory base, Baghdad airport.

– Several rockets launched toward US embassy in Baghdad security zone.

– Office of grand Ayatollah Sistani:
Marja sends his deepest condolences for the painful explosion in Beirut which resulted in death and disappearance of many people and several times more injured and tens of thousands lost their homes and the vast damage imposed on the buildings and public properties which was a painful image in the last several decades.

– Bombing terrorist groups Komala and the Democratic Party, north of Iraq, by Iran.

– Arresting wanted terrorist “Saffah Diyala” in Iraq who was accused of bombing in 2008 in Khan Bani Saad which resulted in martyrdom of 150 and injury of 300 people.

– ISIS last week attacks to Diyala, Salahuddin and Samarra to Iraqi forces positions resulted in martyrdom of several forces.

– John Bolton in an interview with Rudaw belonging to Nechirvan Barzani: I am convinced now that dividing Iraq is useful. Kurds should be ready for after US election.

– US coalition spokesperson in Iraq in a press conference in Description Sulaymaniyah city claimed that US army will open a new counselling center in Erbil (center of Iraq Kurdistan) to coordinate the coalition forces.

– Yahya Rasul, Iraqi chief of staff spokesperson, reported of collaboration between the government and iqlim Kurdistan to exchange information and fight terrorist group ISIS and to cover up security holes of some cities in Iraq.

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