Latest Updates on Iraq, 6 September 2020

Sunday, 6 September 2020 - 06:39

The headline of the latest news and the most important developments in Iraq in the last 48 hours

– Iraqi Resistance groups attacked American terrorist positions.
In the past two days, Iraqi resistance forces have attacked American logistics convoys in Dhi Qar and twice in Baghdad.

– Nechirvan Barzani’s visit to Turkey and meeting with the Foreign Minister and the President of this country one day after his meetings with the heads of the central government and Macron in Baghdad.
During Barzani’s visit to Turkey, Turkish warplanes again bombed areas in northern Iraq controlled by the Kurdish region.

– Iraqi Ministry of Defense: The Iraqi Minister of Defense headed a delegation to Ukraine and met with his Ukrainian counterpart to discuss issues of cooperation and coordination in the field of weapons, counter-terrorism and military strengthening of Iraq.

– The British company G4S, which is responsible for providing security services to Baghdad airport, was targeted with several Katyusha rockets.

– Iraqi Air Force destroys several ISIS terrorist bases in Salah al-Din and Diyala provinces.

– Ahmad Nasrullah, Deputy Commander of Hashd al-Shaabi (PMU) Operation in Anbar Province: The beginning of security operations in the desert areas of western Anbar province with the support of the Army Air Force.

– Controversial remarks by the Iraqi Prime Minister’s economic adviser to justify the delay in implementing the expulsion of Americans from Iraq.
Hisham Dawood, an adviser to the prime minister, said in a statement that the government was not obliged to expel US troops from the country because not all Iraqi political parties in parliament had agreed on it. Hisham Davood’s remarks have been criticized by politicians and parliamentary coalitions.

– Security operations to discover weapons and ammunition in Basra and areas of Baghdad by units of the Iraqi Army, Iraqi Marine Corps and Border Infantry Brigade.
In recent months, Basra has witnessed tribal clashes and assassinations using firearms.

– Destruction of 6 tunnels belonging to ISIS terrorists by Hashad al-Shaabi (PMU) with the cooperation of army fighter jets in western Anbar.

– “Saraya Oliya al-Dam”, an Iraqi Resistance group, threatened the UN mission in Iraq in a statement.
“It has been proven to us that the American occupying forces are using the trucks of the UN mission to move between different parts of Iraq to escape the attacks of the Islamic Resistance,” the statement said.
However the UN responded in a statement: “No country or organization uses our equipment; We are neutral and we work to help all Iraqis without exception.”

– The Turkish Ministry of Defense has issued a statement saying that 320 PKK terrorists have been killed so far during operations by the Turkish Armed Forces in northern Iraq.

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