Roadside bombing targets British convoy in Iraq

Tuesday, 15 September 2020 - 19:08

ISWNews Analysis Group: A roadside bomb exploded near a British convoy on a Baghdad highway close to the Umm al-Tabool Mosque.

Some Iraqi media reported that a British security personnel was killed in the attack, however the British embassy in Iraq has issued a statement confirming the attack on a convoy of British diplomats and denying that a security personnel was killed.

According to Iraqi sources, the Saraya al-Muntaqim resistance group claimed responsibility for the attack. The group had previously stated its intention to attack US military bases and convoys.

It is noteworthy that the attack took place in the area between the airport and the heavily fortified Green Zone which often used by diplomatic missions and with this incident, the security of foreign forces in the mentioned area is in a state of ambiguity.

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