Latest Updates on Iraq, 15 September 2020

Tuesday, 15 September 2020 - 20:51

The headline of the latest news and the most important developments in Iraq in the last 48 hours

1. Hashad Sha’abi command launched operation Operation Fath ol-Mobin in Anabr:
The operation is in eight axes by five brigades of Hashad Sha’abi forces started after information about ISIS cores in the province gathered.

2. Group Saraya al-Muntaqim announced itself as fighting with American terrorists by attacking bases and caravans of USA in Iraq.
This group launched its first operation against a logistical caravan of American terrorists in Babil province.

3. Ayatollah Sistani in meeting with UN envoy emphasized on early election on time, collecting firearms without permit, protecting national sovereignty and convicting those who shot at peaceful protests.

4. Nouri al-Maliki, head of State of Law Coalition, visiting Iran and meeting with Ali Shamkhani, secretary of high council of national security.
Some sources claimed Maliki visits Iran to meet some officials and taking some medical tests.

5. Counter terrorism forces drilled in night in Baghdad airport.

6. Repelling ISIS attack in south of Samarra.
Hashad Sha’abi forces repelled ISIS attacks in south of Samarra in the last 48 hrs.

7. International coalition planes with some of Iraqi counter terrorism forces after being air assaulted, killed financial provider of ISIS and arrested a commander of ISIS in Rutbah area, Anbar province, chief of staff commanded.

8. Qasim al-Araji, national security councilor, met with Abdulaziz Shamri, Saudi ambassador, emphasizing on expanding relations with Riyadh and other Arab neighbors.

9. Mustafa al Kadhimi, Iraqi PM, launched reforms in economic and financial parts. In these reforms many officials are dismissed including the head of Iraq central bank.

10. Security operation in south of Mosul by Hashad Sha’abi and army.

11. Four Katyusha rockets fired toward US terrorist ambassador in Baghdad security zone.
According to the information all of them were intercepted by C-RAM defensive systems.

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