The Syrian Army’s Imminent Operation in al-Rastan Pocket in North of Homs.

Monday 30 April 2018 - 07:21

Islamic World News Analysis Group: A large military convoy of the Syrian army left the Qalamoun area towards northern Homs for upcoming operation.

According to local Sources, after the completion of the Syrian Army operations in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus and in the area of Qalamoun, Soheil Hassan forces known as “Tiger forces” along the other forces left the area towards northern Homs.


In recent weeks, after liberating of Taqsis village in the northeast of al-Rastan pocket and with the people welcoming the Syrian army, it was hoped that the militants would lay down their guns and stop the resultless strife. Therefore, talks were held again in northern Homs and delegations from the government negotiated with armed groups.

But eventually the talks broke out and the militants attacks on the Syria army positions in northern Homs was an end to all negotiations talks.


Considering the successful “pressure and negotiation” experience over the past year and the liberation of many areas in this way, North Homs is expected to face such a fate.

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