Heavy clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia armies in Karabakh + (Map update)

Sunday 27 September 2020 - 16:23

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following increase of tension in Karabakh area in recent weeks, Armenia and Azerbaijan armies started the conflict eventually.

The conflict started from today morning in Karabakh area while each side accuses the other side for increasing the tension and starting the conflict.

In the conflict that started in the morning by Azerbaijan army, according to Armenia, two helicopters and three drones of Azerbaijan army were shot down by Armenia. Armenian media and so-called Republic of Artsakh media, which occupied most of the Karabakh area, released images of attacking Azerbaijan tanks and vehicles.
Armenia PM, Nikol Pashinyan, declaring war situation, reported of public immobilization and sending equipment to Karabakh area to confront Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan defense ministry also reported in recent days that Armenia is shelling the border towns and they will respond.
Azerbaijan DM also confirmed shooting down their helicopter near Ter Ter area and the crew are alive. They claimed to destroy 12 Armenian OSA air defense systems so far.
Azerbaijan media reported of Armenia and Artsakh artillery attacks on areas Gapanli, Cheraghli, Aqdam, Al-Khanli and Marjanli.
Azerbaijan president, Ilham Aliyev, asked civilians in Karabakh area to get distanced from Armenian military points. He said they won’t attack Armenia since there is nothing in Armenia for Azerbaijan but won’t negotiate with those who occupied Karabakh, either.

At the moment there are conflict at Nagorno-Karabakh border in fronts Aqdam, Terter, Fuzuli (east), Murovdag and Lev (north) between two sides and no significant ground advance has been reported.

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