Latest Updates on Karabakh Clashes, 28 September 2020 (Map Update)

Monday 28 September 2020 - 22:32

ISWNews Analysis Group: The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is continuing in Karabakh region and Azerbaijani forces captured some areas in south of Karabakh region.

– Azerbaijani forces captured villages Qervend, Qaraxanbeyli, Yukhari Abdulrahmanli, Ashagi Abdulrahmanli, Kend, Nuzgaz, Boyuk Marjanli in south of Karabakh from Armenia and Artsakh forces. (yellow color)

– Azerbaijani forces entered important town Fuzuli in south of Karabakh region, but due to heavy counterattack and bombing by Armenian forces on the town, only a few Azerbaijani forces stayed in the town for defense.

However, it should be noted that Armenia MoD stated that all areas in south of Karabakh region were recovered from Azeri forces…

– According to defense ministry of Azerbaijan, strategic heights of Mrav mountain, north of Nagorno-Karabakh, are captured by their forces. This is not confirmed by ISWNews yet.

– Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense claimed that more than 550 Armenian troops have been killed in the clashes of the recent two days, while Armenia claimed that more than 200 Azerbaijani troops have been killed in the recent fighting.

– Azerbaijan claimed that in the recent conflict 6 killed and 19 injured.

– Artsakh officials reported that at least 28 Armenian forces killed in today’s conflict in south of Karabakh.

– Azerbaijan army artillery attack to Stepanakert(Khankendi) center of Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding areas.

– Azerbaijan president issued order of military immobilization.

– Baku airport flights ceased after military situation was declared.

– Armenia ambassador in Russia: Turkey sent almost four thousand Syrian militants from north of Syria to west of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan rejected the claim.

– Armenia foreign ministry: Turkish forces are helping Azerbaijan by drones and warplanes (F-16 fighter jets). Turkey and Azerbaijan coalition is a threat to the nations of the region.

– According to field sources, the Syrian Turkish-backed militants who transferred by Turkey from northern Syria to Azerbaijan in recent weeks, have not yet effectively entered into clashes with Artsakh and Armenian forces in the Karabakh region.
These mercenaries are mainly Syrian Turkmens and other Asian Turks specially Uyghurs who entered Azerbaijan in different battalions. No news of the exact number of these militants. However, due to increasing tension in Karabakh, hiding or denying their presence is useless and seems in near future there will be more information about them.

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