Latest Updates on Iraq, 28 September 2020

Monday, 28 September 2020 - 23:43

The headline of the latest news and the most important developments in Iraq in the last 48 hours

1- Abdul Wahab Al-Saedi, Head of the Counter-Terrorism Unit, welcomed Meysam Al-Zaidi, Commander of the Al-Abbas battalion.

2- Sheikh “Akram Al-Kaabi”, the Secretary General of the al-Nujaba Movement, emphasized on the continuation of military operations against American forces and said: “Divine and human principles prevent the targeting of civilians and diplomatic missions. Americans are ordering their mercenaries to provoke public opinion and tarnish the image of the resistance by targeting houses around the embassy.”

3- Kataib Hezbollah: “We will hardly respond to the threats of the US Secretary of State.” Earlier, Mike Pompeo threatened to close the US embassy in Iraq and deal with resistance forces.

4- Mustafa al-Kadhimi ordered the closure of the offices of the National Security Forces and al-Hashd al-Shabi at Baghdad airport.

5- Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Sadr faction, tweeted that a security and military committee should be set up in parliament to investigate security breaches.
Al-Kadhimi, al-Halbousi and representatives of the Sairun coalition in the Iraqi parliament supported Sadr’s proposal.

6- Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein visited Iran and met with Iranian officials.

7- Turkish army fighter jets bombed PKK positions in northern Iraq.

8- Shebl Al-Zaidi, Secretary General of Imam Ali (AS) Battalions, said in a speech: “Accusing the resistance and Hashad al-Shaabi groups of targeting diplomatic centers in Iraq is an attempt to tarnish its image.”
In the past few days, Muqtada al-Sadr has issued a statement to the “al-Hashd al-Shaabi” urging them to work to stop the actions of some PMU forces against the Iraqi national interests (embassies and diplomatic missions).

9- Attacking the American logistics convoy in Dhi Qar and Hillah provinces with a roadside bomb.

10- Washington Post: The United States has informed Iraqi officials that the country is planning to evacuate its embassy in Baghdad.

11- Hashad al-Shaabi and police forces began patrolling and clearing areas southwest of Kirkuk.
In this operation, after discovering several hideouts of ISIS elements, an ISIS suicide bomber was also killed.

12- Hashad al-Shaabi will be responsible for ensuring the security of Arbaeen in this province by employing 3,000 of its forces in Diyala province.

13- Establishment of two more bases in northern Iraq by the Turkish army.
According to the head of the Batifa district of Zakho city, the Turkish army has set up two new bases in the villages of Kashan and Griye under the pretext of fighting PKK in the area.

14- Attack on the military convoy of American forces in Latifiya, Baghdad by Qasim al-Jabarin group.

15- Hashad al-Shaabi and security forces ambushed and killed three ISIS members in southern Kirkuk.

16- Several members of a family were killed and wounded in an unknown rocket attack on a house in Baghdad’s al-Karkh district.
Resistance groups have denied any action at this time and place.

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