Israel Once Again Attacked Syria; Footage from the Explosion

Monday, 30 April 2018 - 23:05

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night, around 22:30, a number of Syrian army position near the city of Hama were targeted by Israeli missiles.


According to local sources, The Syrian Army 47th brigade in south of Hama was attacked and one of the Syrian army ammunition depots was destroyed.

The news of the Martyrdom of the Iranian forces is denied, but unfortunately, a number of Syrian forces were martyred in this attack.

Brigade 47 location on the map: Here


Also last night, the industrial facilities in Malekiya district in north of Aleppo airport were attacked but the attacks failed and there were no casualties.

This area was previously used as one the Zaynabiyun Brigade bases, which was previously evacuated.

After the incident the government forces found the various parts of GBU-39 that indicate the GBU-39 bomb was used for this attack. The US and Israel are major users of these bombs.

Industrial facility location on the map: Here




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