Latest Updates on Iraq, 2 October 2020

Friday, 2 October 2020 - 09:37

The headline of the latest news and the most important developments in Iraq in the last 48 hours

– Resistance group Olo al-Azm announced its existence. Their mission is to fight with American occupiers, mentioned in their statement. (Image)

– American terrorist caravan was attacked by roadside bomb in Hillah.

– American terrorist caravan was targeted by roadside bomb in Babil province.

– Mustafa Al Kadhimi, Iraqi PM, assigned Hamed al-Zuhayri as commander of security special unit of Baghdad security zone to prevent rocket attacks.

– Barham Salih welcomed Italian defense minister in Margapan, Iqlim Kurdistan. Italian DM met head and PM of Iqlim before this meeting.

– A counter terrorism committee of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia met in Baghdad.

– Iraq counter terrorism service and counter terrorism brigade arrested nine ISIS terrorists in Suleimaniya.
Iraqi forces could arrest some other ISIS terrorists in collaboration with Talibani party forces in Suleimaniya last month.

– ISIS attack to Majed village, Riyadh district, Kirkuk province.

– Roadside bomb blast in the road from Baghdad airport to security zone. No loss reported.

– US ambassador met with Sayyid Ammar Hakim to talk about ceasing attacks to USA in Iraq.

– Bombing areas controlled by Iraqi Kurds by Turkish warplanes in north of Iraq continues.

– Muqtada Sadr demanded peaceful resistance in his statement! Sadr claimed he’s not intimidated by Pompeo’s words.

– Fath coalition under leadership of Hadi al-Ameri condemned rocket attack to Redhwaniyah area, Baghdad, which resulted in martyrdom of members of a family and asked the administration to investigate the issue, in a statement. Ammar Hakim, Nouri Maliki and Muqtada Sadr condemned the incident before.

– General Mutasam al-Qaysi, commander of 12th brigade of Biji in Salahaddin province, was martyred due to mine explosion.

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