Latest Updates on Karabakh Clashes, 1 October 2020

Friday, 2 October 2020 - 10:07

ISWNews Analysis Group: The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is in the third day and the front lines are unchanged.

– The air defense of the Armenian army shot down an Israeli made drone Harop belonging to Azerbaijan Army in the skies of the city of Askran. (Image)

– Armenian Army Air Defense shot down four UAVs in the skies of Yerevan.
The S300 defense system is said to have thwarted the attack.

Alleged footage of repelling drone strikes by the Armenian S-300 defense system

– Following the sale of military weapons by the Zionist regime to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia recalled its ambassador from Israel.

– Russia has expressed concern over the deployment of Syrian and Libyan militants in Nagorno-Karabakh by Turkey.

– Russia, the United States and France issued a joint statement calling on the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia to resume immediate and unconditional ceasefire talks.

– Russian and Turkish Foreign Ministers call on the latest situation in the conflicts between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia.

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