Latest Updates on Iraq, 3 October 2020

Sunday, 4 October 2020 - 13:04

ISWNews Analysis Group: Commander of Hashad Shabi in Nineveh operation room decried the rocket attack to Erbil and rejected any connection with it, said there will be an investigation, in a statement.

– Rocket attack to American terrorist base near Erbil airport. The rockets reportedly fired from east of Mosul.

– Commander of Hashad Shabi forces in Nineveh operation room issuing a statement decried the rocket attack to Erbil and rejected any connection with it and said there will be an investigation.
Iqlim Kurdistan hours after the incident accused Hashad Shabi of the attack, while joint command of the operation called it a terrorist attack.

– Hashad Shabi and Iraqi army destroyed a safehouse, three tunnels and killed an ISIS suicide attacker in Saladin province and Mosul city.

– US terrorist logistical caravan was attacked by roadside bomb in Diwaniyah.

– Turkish army drone shot down near Amedi town, Dohuk province, north of Iraq.

– Hashad Shabi repelled ISIS attack to Miqdadiyah area, Diyala province.

– ISIS positions in Saladin province bombed by Iraqi warplanes.

– Fuad Hussein, Iraqi foreign minister, met with US ambassador for the second time in the last six days.

– Abdul Aziz Al-Muhammadawi famous as Abu Fadak, deputy of Hashad Shabi, met with UN delegate in Iraq regarding security and refugees issues.

– Mustafa Al Kadhimi met with 25 ambassadors and consulates.

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