Latest Updates on Karabakh Clashes, 8 October 2020 (Map Update)

Thursday, 8 October 2020 - 23:58

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to field sources, during the past 48 hours, the Karabakh fronts did not witnessed any significant ground advances, and most of the clashes were followed by artillery duels and scattered fire exchanges.

– According to latest updates released by Armenia on Jabrayil front, Armenian forces forced Azerbaijani forces to retreat from Jabrayil village. They released a footage of targeting Azerbaijani forces in east of Jabrayil as proof. However the images are taken from a height on the west of Jabrayil village. This means that either Azerbaijani forces are in the village or the village is empty and the line between both sides.
On the other hand, Azerbaijan did not release any proper evidence of being in Jabrayil village and the released images are either inexpressive or older than two days, before Armenia claims.

Approximate location of the camera of the Armenian forces in Jabrayil

– Azerbaijan media released images of Horadiz(Kendi) areas. Some of Azerbaijani media claimed that Horadiz(Kendi) village is captured by their forces. However the village and surrounding area were claimed by Azerbaijani forces in previous operations.
Horadiz(Kendi) village is deep in south of lands controlled by Azerbaijani forces, thus the news that Armenian forces attacked the village and Azerbaijani forces reclaimed it, is not correct.
In recent days and by releasing the images of lands claimed by Azerbaijani forces, the Azerbaijai MoD released repeating images among the footages or with delays of two days. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are faking the advances but can be unprofessionalism in releasing images. Therefore any new footage doesn’t mean a new advance.

– The situation of other parts of Karabakh southern front is unchanged in the last 48 hours.

– In northeast of Nagorno-Karabakh in Martakert(Agdere), following Azerbaijani forces advance toward the area and local sources reporting that Martakert(Agdere) is sieged or quasi sieged by Azerbaijani forces, the news of conflict in this area are suddenly quiet and there is no reliable news of the situation of the area. It seems Azerbaijani forces could not control important town Martakert completely.
Azerbaijani MoD released images of attacking Armenia using heavy artillery (MLRS). The images show east of Martakert. It implies Azerbaijani forces could not advance significantly toward Martakert and Armenian forces are resisting strongly.

Geographical coordinates of the bombed area in Martakert

– Armenia artillery targeted areas Tartar, Barda, Agcabedi, Goranboy and Ganja. Azerbaijan claimed that Armenia used Tuchka missiles to target Barda. Aliev said hitting villages and towns using ballistic missiles is a war crime.
Azerbaijan artillery targeted some areas inside Stepanakert(Khankendi) and Shusha(Shushi). It is said that the Persian mosque Gohar Agha in Shusha was damaged. Armenian sources claimed that the attack was using Israeli missile Lora. If it is true, Ilham Aliev claim isbquastionavle, that targeting cities using ballistic missiles is wrong.

– An Armenian drone was shot down over Agstafa by Azerbaijani SAM.

– Armenia Mod released list of casualties in the conflicts. There are 30 names in it, among which 10 were between 18-20 years old.

– New satellite images of Ganja airport released showing at least two F-16s beside a cargo CN-235 on 3 October. This proves Turkish help for Azerbaijan specially in areal operations.

Turkish F-16s at Ganja Airport on October 3

Vladimir Putin said: “Russia does not have an obligation to defend Armenia, as its conflict with Azerbaijan is not being waged in Armenian territory.”
Putin’s remarks about Nagorno-Karabakh come as Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has implicitly stated on several occasions in recent days that Russia will act to defend Armenia if Armenia is attacked. However, it is important to note that the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh by the Armenian forces(or Republic of Artsakh) are not internationally recognized, and even the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region itself is not part of Armenia.

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