Latest Updates on Al Jawf Front, 10 October 2020

Saturday 10 October 2020 - 18:43

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah and popular committees repelled Saudi-led coalition attacks in the Khab and Shaaf district and reclaim al-Khanjar base and surrounding area.

Following attack of Mansour Hadi forces commanded by Sheikh Amin al-Akimi (Mansour Hadi assigned governor of Al Jawf) and Ansar Allah retreat from al-Khanjar base area, the conflict directed to al-Maraziq and Ansar Allah took position on the heights overlooking the base. Ansar Allah launched attacks and not only cleansed al-Khanjar base and surrounding areas but also destroyed several military vehicles and AFVs of Saudi-led coalition forces. According to Saudi coalition media, more than 10 Saudi-led coalition forces killed and 6 injured and 5 AFVs and 8 vehicles and other equipment were plundered by Ansar Allah.

Saudi coalition warplanes bombed Khab and Shaaf district 54 times in the last 5 days and Ansar Allah retaliates by attacking Mansour Hadi forces gathering by a missile in east of Ber al-Mahashimah, north of al-Khanjar base, during which colonel Askar al-Mahshami, HR deputy of 1st border brigade, colonel Bashir Bin Sufah, intelligence deputy of northern axis, colonel Fayiz al-Dhale’i, training deputy of 1st border brigade, killed and brigadier general Haykal Hantaf, commander of 1st border brigade injured.

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